CCYC offers these main types of membership.

Regular Membership – For any person 21 years of age or older, who owns a boat with an assigned mooring in Montrose Harbor. Applicants must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Associate Membership - A category of Regular Membership in which the fees are designed to permit younger boaters to become members.

Crew Members, Junior Members and Junior Fleet Members can request reduced initiation fees for Regular or Associate Membership when they have their own boats, based on their time as Crew Members, Junior Members or Junior Fleet Members.

Affiliated Membership – For any person who is a current member of a nonreciprocal club or organization (Chicago area yacht club or boat club) who is not the owner of a boat moored in Montrose and who wishes to participate in limited Regular Member activities. Applicants must be approved by the Board of Directors. Freedom Boat Club members should apply for Affiliate Membership.

Crew Membership – For any person who acts as a regular crew for a regular member and who does not have an assigned mooring in Montrose Harbor. Applicants must be sponsored by a regular member in good standing and be approved by the Board of Directors.

Application Process

1. The applicant for membership is required to fill in an application addressed to the attention of the membership chairman. Applications may be obtained at the Club or from the membership committee or chairman or if you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer just go to the bottom of this page and double click on the CCYC
Membership Application.PDF

2. An applicant for regular membership must return:

  a. a properly completed, signed application
  b. a copy of the applicant's current valid mooring permit in Montrose Harbor.
  c. a check covering all fees.

3. Upon receipt of the signed application, the membership chairman will send the following to the applicant:

  a. a letter of welcome requesting the applicant's presence at the next board meeting.
  b. a resource inventory which the applicant must complete and bring the next board meeting.

4. Upon being introduced to the Board of Directors, an invitation is extended to the applicant, inviting him/her to the next general meeting for introduction to the Club. Keys are distributed with the current newsletter and membership card by mail.

5. The Board may modify the formal introduction procedures in keeping with particular situations.
The above process takes approximately thirty days to complete after the applicant has properly returned all membership application information and fees. For further information contact:

Send Applications to:
Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club
Attention Membership Chairperson
3323 N. Whipple
Chicago, IL 60618

Membership is available to all applicants following this procedure regardless of race, sex religion or ethnic origin. C.C.Y.C. welcomes members who share an interest in boating and who will support club activities as needed, emphasizing our long-standing "Volunteer" spirit.

In the case of married couples or boats with multiple owners making application for membership, the person signing the application will be considered the applicant, and thus the member, unless directed otherwise.  Both thought, may apply as individual members if desired.

To save the application just right click on the link above and save as. To view and print (requires Acrobat Reader)

Corinthian Yacht Club 601 W. Montrose Ave., Chicago, IL 60613